The Mickey Land

The Mickey Land play area is located in the center of the city of Thiès at the Promenade des Thiessois. Children boys and girls find rides for the practice of various games.Notons that there are swings, jumpers, cars with one and two places, games to climb and descend.Les children can indulge in drawing and coloring. Caged monkeys adorn the decor. Adults can play cards and scrabble. Restoration is possible. local companies like PTSD can bring their children for a good day of leisure.

The Senegalese Cuisine

The foods and cuisine of Senegal is considered one of the richest and most varied of West Africa. This is because of the fact that the fish recipes from senegal easy cooking cuisine and recipes of Senegal have been influenced not only by other West African countries, but also by its northern Arab neighbors like Mauritania and Morocco with whom they share their religious affiliation. Furthermore Senegalese food has also been influenced by French and Portuguese cuisine through colonialism and trade. All these influences and fusions make Senegalese food to have one of the richest flavors on the continent.

Having dinner in Senegal is a real social event. Friends, Family and guests sit around one single big plat from which everyone eats with either their hands, a spoon or by using a piece of bread. Everyonefood and dancing cooking dakar has a certain part of the plate from which they eat (mostly the part directly in front of them). So if you invited to a traditional Senegalese dinner make sure to stick to your part of the plate and enjoy your Senegalese food.

The market located in the Avenue de la Gare

At the town hall a place has been recently arranged to host the concerts so if you arrive in full show, let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of the djembes and other attractions on offer!

Be careful, these few places mentioned above do not “make” Thiès, which has many other qualities for it than “places to see absolutely”. Thiès is also a breeding ground for theater groups and comedians who are often comical, who make regularly the sunny days of Dakar scenes …