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The Bandia Reserve.
Created in 1990, Bandia is Senegal’s first private reserve. All tumuli of the Bandia Forest have been classified by Historic Monuments in 2003.

The area of ​​this reserve is 3500 hectares and fully fenced. While other Senegalese parks are mainly dedicated to birds (Djoudj National Bird Park or Langue de la Barbarie National Park), Bandia is home to many mammals, deliberately reintroduced in the region.

Among the animal species present in the park, there are rhinoceroses, giraffes, large antelopes, dama gazelles, Derby eland, buffaloes, patas monkeys, vervets, warthogs, horse-races, zebras. , jackals or mongooses.
However, there are also about 120 species of birds, as well as ostriches, giant turtles and crocodiles.

The Bandia Reserve is a small nature reserve in Senegal, located 65 km from Dakar on the road to Mbour, near the village of Bandia.

The Lagoon of Somone

Somone, a nature reserve and bird sanctuary, is a magnificent example of the beaches of Senegal, one of the most beautiful and best preserved in African countries. It is part of the region called ‘the small coast’.



The Bandia Reserve

The Lagoon of Somone